Vision and strategy

De Pompenkring vzw, which might be translated as The Machinery Users Association, is an independent professional association that provides a platform for exchange of technology concerning machinery. The association groups and serves machinery end-users, mainly related to larger companies. Those end-users are participating in departments like procurement, engineering, maintenance and inspection. They manage an important number of machines, of which their company is the owner. Machine-technology subjects handeld are very diverse. De Pompenkring vzw topics concern all sorts of machinery like pumps, compressors, fans, centrifuges, turbines and its components, but also specific techniques to manage those equipments efficiently. De Pompenkring vzw wants to gather its knowledge through various channels, e.g.:

  • Suppliers and manufacturers, with their specific knowhow
  • End-users sharing their field experiences.
  • University people or any other consultants with specific skills.

De Pompenkring vzw wants to go for an optimized partnership with those groups, in order to find the win/win goal. By the end, also this association is a part of the economic environment we're all operating in.

To realise its goals, De Pompenkring vzw arranges meetings, lectures, factory visits, inquiries investigations etc. for its members. It created an online forum, to increase the possibilities for an open exchange of ideas, for a large group of members. De Pompenkring vzw expects from its members that they attend with frankness and constructive criticism in an interactive way, and also that they attend inquiries and from time to time present their specific field experiences during the meetings.

New members can find their way to the association via the forms on the website or by contacting the board . Also suppliers and manufacturers can sign in for a supporting supplier membership. They get several privileges in the association. Conditions for joining and withdrawing, attending or supporting the association are explained in the document "Huishoudelijk reglement".

De Pompenkring vzw
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